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About US

There is no dramatic story about ClrsHQ. Two guys sitting on a bench, having Tea and decided to work together as a team. Hence, ClrsHQ. Since then, we expanded. Covering more ground, more Skills. We work hard, We work fast. We understand the need of sophistication and we here at ClrsHQ, understand that better than ever

You have an idea, we have our code to make it happen.

Web Application Development

Full Stack Website Development, Custom CMS, Wordpress Theme Development, Facebook Application.

Mobile Application Development

Custom Mobille Application Development service for Android Operating System and iOS . Partially Windows Phone.

Stack E-Commerce Solution

Complete eCommerce Solution, From Product Management to full stack inventory Management With Web Sync.

  • Care

    It takes more then just some code to build your Dream. And we understand because what we do here, is also a dream of some nutjobs. Thus, We know :)

  • Experience

    No matter how good someone is, experience is something that makes the ultimate difference. And we have 5 Years Experience in what we do.

  • Human

    With us, every piece of code written by a human. No Junk, No nonsense. Until the machine rises and eliminate humanity, we will do the coding, Promise :D

  • Advanced

    You don't want anything that became obsolite soon, do you? Neither do we. We work in Latest Standard and Up to date Trends. Your Product will always work.

  • Support

    Its a Dark night, your site is down and you can't get your developer online, worst nightmare. Won't happen with us. We maintain what we built, 24/7.

Who Are We?

We are #Engineers, #Movie Buff, #Music Lover, #Gamers, #Hardware Enthusiast, #Chatters, #Die Hard Fan of Bangladesh Cricket Team
And We are just like everyone else, Simple normal emotional people.